Walla Walla County Forever

A campaign to support our community forever

Who We Are - Leadership Team Members

Co-Chairs: Dan Reid & Shannon Bergevin

Team: Art Griff, Chris Drabek, Cindy Widmer, Craig Sievertsen, Gary Ponti, Greg Pepin, Jim Hayner, John Reese, Lawson Knight, Mark Sherry, Marylou Tillay, Peggy Jo Sanderson, Pete Harvey, Tom Sawatzki

What We Are Doing

We have one goal, which we must meet by December 31, 2024:

Raise tens of millions of dollars to be placed into community endowment funds to help Walla Walla County in perpetuity. These Funds will exist forever to make grants to help our community in the ways that our community most needs as those needs change over time. You can choose to contribute to a Fund for the entire County (the Walla Walla County Forever Fund) or a Fund for a specific city within the County, such as the Walla Walla Forever Fund. We are seeking donations to the Fund today and pledges for donations through bequests, which are donations that will come through a will or trust when a generous person passes away.

Our Partner

We are proud to be working with Blue Mountain Community Foundation. The Foundation will hold and manage all of forever funds.

Raise the Blues Campaign - Matching Dollars

Walla Walla County Forever is part of the Raise the Blues Campaign. Please click here to learn more the Raise the Blues Campaign, including the matching dollars available for gifts made for Walla Walla County.