Columbia County Forever

A campaign to protect our community's future

Who We Are - Leadership Team Members

Co-Chairs: Kris Takamura & Cathy Haight

Team: Christine Broughton, Ginny Butler, Betty Lou Crothers, Scott Hudson, Katie Leid, Mike & Mary Luce, Skip & Julia Mead, Jay Takemura

What We Are Doing

We have two goals, both of which we need to meet before December 31, 2024.

(1) Raise millions of dollars for the Columbia County Forever Fund. This Fund will exist forever to make grants to help our community in the ways that our community most needs as those needs change over time. The Dayton Columbia County Washington Fund and Warren Community Action Fund are similar to the Columbia County Forever Fund in that they provide discretionary grants each year to the highest needs in the county. Those two Funds have provided immense benefits to our community and will continue to do so. This Columbia County Forever Fund will operate alongside these existing funds and provide even greater security for our treasured community's future.

(2) Raise dollars for a Columbia County LaunchNW promise scholarship fund. LaunchNW is an effort to make sure that every child in our county has the encouragement, support, and financial resources they need to get whatever education after high school that they want. This promise scholarship fund will provide a scholarship to every kid in Columbia County who needs one to make sure that they are able to get more schooling or training after high school if they want it.

For both of these Funds, we are seeking donations to the Fund today (before December 31, 2024) and pledges from generous people to make donations through bequests, which are donations that will come through a will or trust when a person passes away.

Our Partners

We are proud to be working with these three organizations to help make our goals a reality for Garfield County: Blue Mountain Community Foundation, Innovia Foundation, and LaunchNW.

Raise the Blues Campaign - Matching Dollars

Columbia County Forever is part of the Raise the Blues Campaign. Please click here to learn more the Raise the Blues Campaign, including the matching dollars available for gifts made for Columbia County.