For Grantees

Grant Acceptance Form

Upon being awarded a discretionary grant BMCF will notify your organization and provide you with a grant acceptance form. Please return it to us in order to receive your funding. Can’t find the form? Download another one here.Acceptance of Grant and Conditions form. Your grant funds will not be distributed to your organization until the Acceptance of Grant and Conditions form has been completed and returned to Blue Mountain Community Foundation.

Grant Report Form

We want to hear from you! If your organization received a grant in 2018, please be sure to complete the Grant Report Form by July 1 at 11:59, 2019. We are eager to hear of your successes and challenges and would love for you to share a compelling story of the impact your grant achieved. Dynamic photos of your program in action (as long as all individuals have given photo permission) are especially helpful to share your work with our larger community. Copies of the form may be found here: Grant Report form