COVID-19 Response

BMCF Responds to COVID-19

Local philanthropy joins together to provide immediate, rapid-response grants to nonprofits able to serve those affected by COVID-19 in the Walla Walla Valley.

Timeline of BMCF's COVID-19 Response Efforts

March 16

Walla Walla Valley COVID-19 Response Fund established by Board of Trustees with $100,000 investment from discretionary funds

March 17

Sherwood Trust awards $10,000 to support the response fund.

March 18

First individual donation received to support the response fund, a transformational amount of $5,000.

Work begins to assemble the advisory committee consisting of local nonprofit leaders and regional grantmakers.

March 23

BMCF team transitions to work from home, physical office is closed.

C19 Response Advisory Committee initial meeting occurs in a virtual meeting space. Committee identifies priority areas for initial grant funding of food security, shelter and utility assistance, health/mental health resources.

March 26

C19 Committee second meeting.

A $10,000 grant from an anonymous fund at the Seattle Foundation received to support the C19 response efforts.

March 30

M.J Murdock Trust of Vancouver, WA invests $75,000 in the C19 response fund.

April 2

First 3 grants awarded from the COVID-19 Response Fund: $99,000 to BMAC; $14,460 to Providence St. Mary Foundation; $25,000 to Project Timothy in Dayton.

Individual donations exceed $11,000 to C19 fund.

April 3

Help the Helpers campaign launched to encourage donations to aid our local nonprofits directly or through BMCF's C19 fund.

Help the Helpers, article by Kari Isaacson, Executive Director of Blue Mountain Community Foundatoin, Karen Hedine, CEO of YMCA of Walla Walla and Brian Hunt, CEO of Sherwood Trust. (April 2020, Union Bulletin)

Comprehensive listing of regional nonprofits published, listed by name of organization or by service category.

April 10

Another round of grants award from the C19 Response Fund: $5,000 to YWCA and $15,000 to Comprehensive.

Individual donations to C19 fund exceed $30,000.

April 16

Three more grants approved out of C19 Response Fund: $8,000 for Blue Mountain Heart to Heart; $3,000 to Blue Mountain Counseling in Dayton; $10,000 to SOS Health Services of Walla Walla.

May 12

Additional COVID-19 Response grants approved for Providence Population Health, $5,000, Walla Walla Senior Center, totaling $33,200, and Children's Home Society for residents at Valle Lindo, $39,000. Read more here.

May 15

Tim O'Donnell, BMCF's investment adviser, shares market updates and insights. Watch the update here or review Tim's slides here.

May 18

C19 Response Fund awards grants to: Trilogy Recovery Community, $15,000, Hope Heals, $1,000 and ArtWalla, $2,000.

June 05

C19 Response Fund awards grants to: East Umatilla Fire District for $7,320 and Walla Walla Music Organization for $17,000.

June - July

BMCF participates in All In WA initiative to raise COVID-19 response funds to be matched by Jeff Bezos of Amazon. BMCF raised $70,300 which will be matched dollar for dollar.

July 1

BMCF team returns to the office, following all state and CDC guidelines.

July 15

Grants for C19 response awarded to Lillie Rice Center for $20,000, Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho for $8,000, SonBridge Community Center for $7614, YMCA for $6,000.

Community Nonprofits Collaborate to Combat COVID-19

A working list of local and regional nonprofits is available here by name of organization or by service category.

If any information listed needs to be updated or added for an organization, please contact us here.

Protect Yourself - avoid COVID-based scams

Donating through Blue Mountain Community Foundation ensures that your donation will be distributed to verified community nonprofits. If you choose to donate directly, do a little research first. Every charity and nonprofit must register with the IRS to obtain their 501(c)3 status. A quick search at will verify this information.

BMCF also offers a list of several (but not all) of our community partners through our 2019 Charitable Gift Guide.

WW Valley COVID-19 Response Fund Updates

Within two weeks our Walla Walla Valley COVID-19 Response Fund grew to over $200,000, an advisory committee of 23 local nonprofit leaders was assembled and, as of April 3, the first $138,460 has gone out the door to local charities as they navigate their new normal. Blue Mountain Action Council received $99,000 to support the quadrupled needs of the community food bank. Providence St. Mary Foundation received $14,460 which triggered the final stages of a matching grant allowing them to purchase a mobile ultrasound, at over $56,000, to be used at the recently opened COVID Clinic at the Southgate Medical Park campus. Project Timothy in Dayton received $25,000 for increased capacity to provide food security, rent and utility assistance for Columbia County residents who are struggling to make ends meet.

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust out of Vancouver, WA shows support for the Walla Walla Valley with an investment of $75,000 in the pandemic response fund.

Read the full COVID-19 Response Fund announcement here. For more information contact us at 509-529-4371 or

CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act Encourages Charitable Giving in 2020

CARES Act Passes, Encourages Charitable Giving - summary by Kari Isaacson, Executive Director

Click here for more detailed CARES Act information.

COVID-19 - Information and Resources

Where Do I Go For Help?, a downloadable listing of local agencies providing assistance and social services. Also available in Spanish Adonde Voy Por Ayuda?

OWWL, online directory of services available in Walla Walla Valley.

WA211 - statewide Washington community resource database

OR211 - statewide Oregon community resource database

Walla Walla mental health services listing

Washington State Recovery Helpline - substance abuse, addiction and mental health resources

City of Walla Walla COVID-19 website

Walla Walla County Health Department

Washington State Health Department

Oregon Health Authority


World Health Organization

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