Spending Policy

Each year, Blue Mountain Community Foundation calculates the amount available to grant from each endowed fund. The calculation is determined by the spending policy which is set by the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

This calculation is designed to:

  • Make our grant spending sustainable over the long term.
  • Provide stability in the grant amount each year.
  • Help to protect the real value of the fund over the long term.

Each October the spendable amount is calculated, and you will see the specific amount for each endowment fund for which you are a fund representative by logging in to Fund Manager, or by contacting the Foundation office.

How grant amounts are calculated

The spendable amount is based on the 12-quarter rolling average of the market value of the endowed portion of each fund, ending June 30 of the current year. If the fund does not have a 12-quarter history, it is averaged on the number of quarters it has been with the Foundation.

A simplified example of the calculation:

Average fund balance x 4.5% = available grant amount