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Investment Management RFP

We are soliciting proposals from interested firms for the provision of investment management or

investment consulting services for the majority of our managed assets. We are issuing this RFP because it

has been more than 10 years since we have done so and we feel that our fiduciary duties compel us to

look at investment service options from time-to-time. Also, as with any review, we are hoping to have

conversations about how we can develop an investment system that provides lower fees and higher

returns than our current system.

We are open to hiring either a consultant or a manager so this RFP might interchange the terms

“consultant” and “manager.” When we use the term “manager,” you could consider that to mean an OCIO


Currently, the Foundation has four investment pools. We are seeking proposals for the

management of two of those pools, the pools that we refer to as Pool I and Pool IV (“Blue Mountain CF”

and “SRI” in the attached investment report). These two pools total approximately $45 million and are

expected to increase substantially as a result of increased contributions and partnerships with other

nonprofits. We will select one investment manager to manage these assets or one consultant to assist our

internal team with the management of the assets. We are not seeking proposals related to pools II and III

(the “Baker Boyer” and “Edward Jones” pools)

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