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WW Valley COVID-19 Response Fund Updates

Updated May 18, 2020

Our Walla Walla Valley COVID-19 Response Fund was establish on March 16, 2020 with an investment from the BMCF Board of Trustees of $100,000. It has quickly grown to $350,000, an advisory committee of 23 local nonprofit leaders was assembled and, as of today, the first $256,660 has gone out the door to local charities as they navigate these uncharted times.

Blue Mountain Action Council

    $99,000 to support the quadrupled needs of the community food bank.

Providence St. Mary Foundation

    $14,460 which triggered the final stages of a matching grant to purchase a mobile ultrasound, at over $56,000, to be used at the recently opened COVID Clinic.

Project Timothy in Dayton

    $25,000 for increased capacity to provide food security, rent and utility assistance for Columbia County residents who are struggling to make ends meet.

Comprehensive Health

    $15,000 to transition their mental health services to remote and virtual appointments to provide consistent care to their clients.

Blue Mountain Heart to Heart

    $8,000 to support the consistent care they provide to their clients in the form of mental health resources and basic needs.

Blue Mountain Counseling in Dayton

    $3,000 to supply food and supplies directly to local clients in need.

SOS Health Services of Walla Walla

    $10,000 to transition to virtual appointments with advanced capabilities for screening, treatment and referrals.

YWCA of Walla Walla

    $5,000 to support the increased sanitation needs at their shelters.

Providence St. Mary Population Health Department

    $5,000 to support Community Health Workers as they address emergency needs of clients and patients.

Walla Walla Senior Center

    $33,200 to support the Senior Nutrition Program and Meals on Wheels to Walla Walla and Columbia Counties.

Children's Home Society of Walla Walla

    $39,000 to provide emergency funding for basic needs for families residing at Valle Lindo.

Detailed information and resources for COVID-19 Response Fund Available Here.

Help the Helpers - Community Nonprofits Collaborate to Combat COVID-19

Now is the time to support the organizations you value in our community, do this through BMCF or directly to a nonprofit. For reference, here is a working list of local and regional nonprofits is available here by name of organization or by service category.

If any information listed needs to be updated or added for an organization, please contact us here.

BMCF also offers a list of several (but not all) of our community partners through our 2019 Charitable Gift Guide.

Protect Yourself - avoid COVID-based scams

Donating through Blue Mountain Community Foundation ensures that your donation will be distributed to verified community nonprofits. If you choose to donate directly, do a little research first. Every charity and nonprofit must register with the IRS to obtain their 501(c)3 status. A quick search at will verify this information.

Help the Helpers, article by Kari Isaacson, Executive Director of Blue Mountain Community Foundation, Karen Hedine, CEO of YMCA of Walla Walla and Brian Hunt, CEO of Sherwood Trust. (April 2020, Union Bulletin)

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