Agency funds

Funds established by a nonprofit organization to provide financial support for the agency or a special project of the agency. Grants from the fund go directly to the agency or its designated project.

Designated funds

Funds established by a donor with a designated charitable organization(s) that the fund will support during and beyond their lifetime.

Discretionary funds

Funds broadly support the well-being and vitality of the Blue Mountain area and its residents. Grants are made to organizations through the Foundations’ Discretionary Grants Program.

Donor-advised funds

Funds that allow donors/advisers to recommend grants to charitable organizations, addressing the issues and needs they care about most.

Field-of-interest funds

Funds established by donors who have identified a cause, category of interest, or a geographic area they wish to support. Grants are made through the Foundation’s Discretionary Grants Program.

Fiscal sponsorship funds

Funds where BMCF acts as a sponsor of a project that lacks exempt status allowing the organization to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations.

Scholarship funds

Funds established by donors specifically interested in promoting education. Scholarships may support any level of education and can be directed toward students attending a particular school, studying in a particular field or coming from a particular geographic area.

Split-interest funds

Funds which benefit donors or their designees for a defined period and are then distributed to the charitable cause(s) the donor chooses.

Sustaining endowment funds

Funds which support the operating cost of BMCF.

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